ATLANTIC are a four piece pop/rock band hailing from Bristol in the South West of England. Blending a variety of pop, rock and soul influences, they bring a fresh and exhilirating new sound to the UK music scene.

The band lineup consists of Simon Cooper (Vocals & Keys), Tim Davies (Guitar), Liam Prince (Bass) and Simon Davies (Drums).


All four members met in 2000 while studying at Access to Music - Bristol.
Whilst there, they formed the group 'One Chance' and for a time played major venues and festivals up and down the country.
On completing the course in 2003 the band members went their own separate ways, but every now and then the spark of creativity that originally pulled them together brought them back, informally, for a jam and the odd performance.
In the meantime Tim, Liam and Simon Davies built a solid foundation of musical skills and experience, performing with many other bands both together and separately.

 Simon Cooper continued writing and went on to perform at venues across the South West as a solo artist.
In 2014 the call of the commonly shared love of music brought all four members back together on a more permanent basis, this time as The Simon Cooper Band. Performing material written by Simon together at many events across the South West, they rapidly began to attract attention on the local music scene.
2015 saw the nationally acclaimed launch of the "Shaun in The City" sculpture trail in Bristol and London. As a response to this, the band penned the song 'Shaun in the City'. This was released as a charity single, where all money raised from the track went to the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal, supporting Bristol's Childrens Hospital. The track received a great deal of attention and air play on BBC radio. 

In the summer during the trail event, the band spent the day performing the single acoustically at many of the Shaun sculpture locations. This raised awareness and money for the track and therefore the charity.

Now in 2017 all four members are musically and creatively stronger than ever. To celebrate a collaborative change in their songwriting, they are proud to now be playing under the new name: ATLANTIC.

This group is exceptionaly dynamic and have great talent. Their years of hard work, gigging and writing have honed their skills , creating hook-laden, effortlessly catchy and unique songs. They have audiences toe-tapping and dancing to their new material.
"If its originality you seek, originality you have found ,so let me take you on a magical musical ride, through the smooth yet challenging sound of ATLANTIC"
- Simon Cooper (Vocalist, Keys)
SIMON COOPER - Vocals / Keys
Smon Cooper (b1983) is a musician, vocalist and songwriter from Bristol, England.
From the early age of three simon picked up his first instrument a toy piano and every year since gaining a different instrument, but it was the piano that captured his musical heart, he began teaching himself by listening to records and playing along with them by ear.
At the age of eleven he took up Piano lessons passing exams before studying music full time at school and then furthering his knowldedge of all aspects of music at college - Access to Music. Simon completed the three year course with a Diploma in music.
Simon moved onto a solo career in 2003 gigging more venues in the south west and abroad, missing the live band feel and working with other artists Simon felt it time to get the boys back together.
Simon has always had a talent for composing catchy melodys and lyrics sometimes making something up on the spot, Simon has an array of styles to his music. pop, rock and soul which working with ATLANTIC is enriched.
Being the front man of the band Simon captures the audience from begining to end with audience participation great use of the stage and interaction with the band.
On beginning the new chapter of his music career Simon explains.
'It's a great feeling to play live with ATLANTIC and to perform fresh new material, where the audience leave the show singing or humming your tunes. I feel I work with the most talented people who know their craft.'
TIM DAVIES - Guitar / Vocals
From a young age Tim picked up the guitar, drawing influence from an eclectic array of music, genres, past and present, ranging from the likes of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix to Blink 182 and Paramore, with styles ranging from rock and funk to reggae and disco, and all in-between.
This diverse blend of music has enabled Tim to forge a distinct guitar sound that has lent itself to the many bands/artists he has collaborated with over the years, fresh vibrant bands such as One Chance, Interroband, Forget The Sunrise and Kosha.
Tim has performed in many top venues on the Bristol music scene including: The Louisiana, The Fleece and Firkin and The Colston Hall to name but a few.
As well as guitar Tim can also play a variety of other instruments such as ukulele, piano and bass guitar, he is also a prolific song writer / music producer, and sings backing vocals.
Liam Prince (b.1979) is a musician from Bristol, England. Primarily a bass guitarist, he is also a rhythm guitarist and songwriter. Several of his compositions have been played at major venues around the South West uk music scene. Nowadays he is the bass guitarist  and songwriter for ATLANTIC.
with a 15 year history of playing in and around the Bristol music circuit, Liam has been involved in a variety of exciting bands such as One Chance, Heaven in a Wildflower, Interroband, Damsel in Distress and forget The Sunrise. His musicality is as technically diverse as the range of inspirations these bands have used, and his bass playing is laser accurate with a vibrant style made of groove and feeling.
Sometimes deliberately understated, sometimes flamboyant in his sound, Liam understands the best ways to add the low-end sonic flesh to any tune.
On joining ATLANTIC in their latest project Liam explains:
"I know a great many musicians locally and have worked with a fair few of them. Over the last 15 years I have come to appreciate what true talent really means. I believe that these guys have by far the clearest vision musically as to what they want to achieve, and we have more than justified ourselves with some of the most amazing songs I have heard in a long time. We have got the whole package. The lyrics, tunes and the amazing frontman It is a real privilege to be able to work with Simon, Tim and Simon and to play a part in bringing our  musical dream to life"
Simon Davies (b.1979) is a musician from Bristol, England; He is an experienced Drummer who has been performing in and around the Bristol area for many years. Although drumming is his forte, his other talents include; Cajon, Keyboard, Guitar and backing vocals. He is now part of a great group playing for ATLANTIC.
Simon's passion for music started back in 1997 where he took up playing the drums, with plenty of noise to annoy the parents and almost every spare moment practicing with his brother Tim Davies (guitar), he has developed an extensive knowledge of rhythm and technique and what it means to be a good player.
Simon has been involved in many band projects over the years such as; One Chance, Heaven in a Wildflower, Westville, Interroband, Damsel in Distress and forget The Sunrise and has also performed on many professionally recorded tracks.
Such styles and influences that have shaped Simon's unique style include; Oasis, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Paramore, Michael Jackson, Prodigy and The Police.
In his own words, this is what Simon tells us about his latest venture:
"I'm so pleased to be a part of Atlantic, Simon Cooper's music is so inspiring to me and always brings out the best in my playing. I have performed with Simon Cooper before and can certainly say he is a brilliant front man and always gets the crowd dancing."